A Guide for Playoffs: Who are Flyers fans rooting for?

As much as it kills us to see the Penguins move-on to the Eastern Conference Finals after defeating Washington in game 7, these NHL  playoffs have been nothing short of exciting. 

We witnessed the Predators sweep the Chicago Blackhawks in the 1st round.

We watched Toronto battle it out with Washington, falling just short of moving on to the 2nd round.

We have witnessed the dark horse team, the Ottawa Senators, move on to the Eastern Conference finals.

The young Oilers team made a run to the semi-finals where they lost in game 7 to the Ducks. 

The only thing that would make these playoffs better is if we were watching the Flyers participate in them.

Unfortunately, we are only able to see our players in the world Championships, but at least it is some-sort of hockey that we get to enjoy. Watching Gudas punch Giroux was hilarious, then add Bellemare and Giroux exchanging punches, and it makes it even more enjoyable. 

Although these players are teammates on the Flyers, when they are wearing a jersey with their country on front, it does not matter who is your friend, you only have an opponent wearing another country’s uniform.

It is also nice to see Claude Giroux and Travis Konecny having such a successful tournament so far.

When it comes to the NHL playoffs however, who are Flyers fans rooting for? 

Flyers twitter obviously wants a Predators vs. Senators final because it wont be Pittsburgh, but it also allows fans to root for Peter Laviolette. 

I also understand why P.K. Subban is booed in Philadelphia, but if you don’t like what that guy does for the sport, you are truly not a fan of the game. 

Not only does he donate millions upon millions of dollars and help sick children, but he brings energy to the ice everyday. He talks a big game, and he usually backs it up as well. 

As a Flyers fan, I hate playing against Subban, but as a fan of the game itself, I have the utmost respect for P.K. Subban. 

 Based off of a smaller sample size, it seems as if many fans want the Predators to win the cup. 

If it wasn’t for Laviolette, fans could just as easily cheer for Ottawa.

Erik Karlsson is playing at an elite level and no team has been able to stop him and his offensive abilities with the puck so far in the playoffs. It wouldn’t be so bad to watch (CHERRY HILL NATIVE) Bobby Ryan and Craig Anderson win a cup either. 

The Ducks are a big and physical team that would be hard to beat if they reach the finals.

The Nashville Predators are a more skilled team than the Ducks, but I am not counting out the Ducks just yet. They have grit and a willingness to compete in the series.

Eastern Conference Final

Penguins win series 4-2

Western Conference Final

Predators win series 4-2

Stanley Cup Prediction

Predators win series 4-3

The excitement of seeing P.K. Subban along with Peter Laviolette playing a team we all love to hate shall be very enjoyable. Until the season is officially over, lets go Preds!

(Photo Source: NHL.com)


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