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A Summary of Morgan Frost’s Sensational Season

On June 23, 2017, Morgan Frost, a native of Aurora, Ontario, was selected with the 27th pick in the NHL Entry Draft by the Philadelphia Flyers.

If the teams gathered today and were allowed to redo the draft, there is no doubt that Frost, a 5’11” center, would get picked in the top 10, and quite possibly the top 5.

I wrote a long article in December detailing the sensational season that Frost has had, including tons of statistics and videos, so I won’t go into too much depth here.

However, considering how prolific he has been since that article, allow me to provide a quick summary of his current exploits.

  • Playing in a league typically dominated by 19-year-olds, the 18-year Frost is skating away with the Ontario Hockey League (OHL) scoring race, with 27 goals and 44 assists for 71 points in 44 games – his closest competitor has 63 points. Frost is aiming to become the first member of the Sault Ste. Marie Greyhounds to lead the league in scoring since John Goodwin did it in 1980-81
  • Frost boasts an incredible plus-50 rating, which is 1st in the league, well ahead of teammate Boris Katchouk who is second with a plus-36
  • Frost’s Greyhounds are an astonishing 37-3-3, far and away the best record in the Ontario Hockey League
  • Frost is currently riding a 20-game scoring streak, during which he has 16 goals and 27 assists for 43 points
  • Overall for the season, Frost is averaging 1.69 points-per-game, second only to the 19-year-old Jordan Kyrou (1.94), and Frost leads the league with an average of 0.71 primary assists-per-game

Don’t expect Frost’s pace to slow down. The Greyhounds added winger Taylor Raddysh (53 points in 33 games) a few weeks ago and he joins Frost and Katchouk (54 points in 34 games) on what is undoubtedly the best line in the OHL.

It’s not out of the realm of possibilities Frost could average 2 points-per-game from here on out, which would put him over 120 points for the season.

Frost’s rise this season has been meteoric, and in my most recent Flyers Top 15 prospects, released last week, he was #2 on the list, right behind Carter Hart. I had him 9th before the season started.

Sampling of his Skills

As I mentioned earlier, I have many video highlights of Frost in my December article, but let’s take a look at a few here before we get into the Q&A with him.

The below clip is one of the prettiest passes you will ever see. While being pressured from the side, Frost threads the puck through three opponents to perfectly set up a teammate for a slam dunk.

Next we’ll see Frost’s vision and intelligence on full display – after forcing a turnover he provides a perfect drop pass on a partial breakaway. Most players would take a shot here, but Frost obviously played through the possibilities in his mind and made an unorthodox decision that led to a goal.

Here’s another clip that shows off his hockey acumen. After dropping off a pass, he heads to an undefended area of the ice that allows him to get into perfect position to finish off the well executed two-on-two.

Frost has been sensational this season at skating up the right side, cutting to the slot, and finding twine.

Lest you think he can only do this from the right side, here he is cutting to the slot from the left side and lighting the lamp.

One of the prettiest plays that Frost has made so far this season was this spinorama in overtime. He was trying to set up Katchouk but the puck ended up going into the net and Frost got credit for the goal.

Frost’s creativity is absolutely off the charts. He tries plays – like the above spinorama – that you rarely see guys try to do. And more importantly than trying them, they’re usually the right decision.

One of the aspects of Frost’s game that has improved the most this season, in my opinion, is how deadly his shot has become from the right face-off circle. Think about what Claude Giroux does from the left dot, except Frost does it more quickly and compactly as opposed to Giroux’s usual slap slot one-timers.

And finally, check out the speed, hands, and concentration that he shows off on this goal.

Q&A with Morgan Frost

Here at PhillyIsFlyer we were lucky enough to have Morgan Frost take a break from terrorizing opposing defensemen and goalies to answer a few of our questions.

Without further ado, here’s our Q&A with the OHL’s leading scorer and one of the Flyers top prospects.

PhillyIsFlyer: “Last season you scored 62 pts in 67 gms, this season you are leading the OHL with 71 pts in only 42 games. In your mind, what are the biggest factors that have led to the phenomenal year that you are having to this point?”

Frost: “I worked hard in the summer to improve my game and get stronger.  I also would like to credit my teammates for making it so easy to play with them and specifically Boris Katchouk who has been my linemate since the start of the season, we all push each other to get better.”

PhillyIsFlyer: “For Philadelphia Flyers fans that have not seen you play, how would you describe your playing style and what are your biggest strengths and also the areas that you think still need improvement?”

Frost: “I think first and foremost I am definitely a playmaker, I am a pass first player and create space for my teammates. My biggest strength in my opinion is my vision and ability to anticipate plays. I need to get a lot stronger and work on my shot.”

PhillyIsFlyer: “Since the draft, what has most impressed you about the Flyers organization and did you forge any relationships with other players at the summer development camp?”

Frost: “The Flyers organization is first class and has treated me unbelievably, I could tell right away why they are so well respected. I met a ton of new guys but it was nice to get closer and spend time hanging out with Ratty (Isaac Ratcliffe) and Stromer (Matt Strome) who I knew before development camp.”

PhillyIsFlyer: “What are the main things that you feel you need to work on during the next offseason to try and potentially make the Flyers as a 19yo?”

Frost: “I need to put on some size and get a lot stronger.  I also want to improve my acceleration in order to play with more pace.”

PhillyIsFlyer: “Have you had a Philadelphia cheesesteak yet? If so, what did you think and do you have a preferred cheese between provolone, american, or whiz?”

Frost: “I have never had a cheesesteak but I am looking forward to trying one!”

So there you have it – a special Q&A for PhillyIsFlyer with Morgan Frost!

It’s great to hear that one of his main goals over the summer will be getting stronger, as that will definitely help his chances to make the Flyers as a 19-year-old. For reference sake, as an 18-year-old, Travis Konecny averaged 1.68 points-per-game in the OHL, and made the Flyers the following season. Frost is currently on target to finish slightly ahead of that pace.

The fact that Frost is going to specifically work on improving his acceleration is an interesting tidbit. He’s already a very good skater who is terrific at slowing down the pace of the game when the puck is on his stick, but if he can add a burst of initial speed to his game it will make him that much more of an offensive threat in the coming years.

And we can’t wait until he gets to try that first cheesesteak!

Special thanks to Morgan and also to Greyhounds Director of Public Relations & Hockey Administration Gerry Liscumb Jr. for helping to coordinate the interview!

If you don’t follow them yet, please make sure to follow the Greyhounds official Twitter account for updates on Frost throughout the remainder of the season!



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