Scott Gordon and the Beanpot Trot

By Mark Giannone (@markflagmann)

The 1980’s were a bizarre time. Starter jackets, giant hairstyles that required an entire can of spray to keep up, and of course Molly Ringwald all made the decade fun for those who lived it and even more fun for the rest of us to look back on. However, the most unique trend of the 80’s were sports teams getting together and making a rap that they would record and actually show to the public. The most popular of these cringeworthy yet hilarious videos was done by the 1985 Chicago Bears when they dropped their “hit” “The Super Bowl Shuffle”. Locally the Philadelphia Eagles joined the trend in 1988 when they released “Buddy’s Watching You”, a quirky homage to their then head coach Buddy

In 1986 the Boston College hockey team also wanted to join the rap game and put out a song of their own that they called “The Beanpot Trot”, a video that new Flyers head coach Scott Gordon was a part of.  If the blurry video and far away sound quality brings you back to your youth then feel free to watch the video in its entirety. If your millennials eyes ache at anything that isn’t HD then skip ahead to the 1:50 mark where you’ll see the kid they called Flash channel his inner Marky Mark.

For the duration of former head coach Dave Haktol’s tenure with the Flyers he often caught flack for his lack of personality and face that resembles Squidward’s house while behind the bench. The only sign that he actually had a pulse was a blurry picture from his days coaching in college where he is telling someone they are number one using a not so flattering gesture. This video of Gordon doesn’t speak much to the type of man or hockey coach he is today, but Philadelphia has never shied away from coaches or players with some flare. Call it an embarrassing moment in Flash’s past or call it his one shot to live out his innermost hopes and dreams. One thing is for sure, no one should be surprised if they catch Gordon driving through Philly in a pair of Ray-bans with his windows down blaring Vanilla Ice.



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