Farewell, Mr. Train.

It is officially the end of the Wayne Simmonds era in Philadelphia.

Although Wayne Simmonds being traded seemed to be inevitable, the emotion from the fanbase was evident after the news broke. Simmonds had been traded to the Nashville Predators for Ryan Hartman and a 4th round pick. The 4th round pick has the potential to become a 3rd round pick, if Nashville is to win a playoff round.

As the trade deadline continued to go down to the wire, fans were starting to think it was possible that Simmonds could remain a Flyer. However, at 2:57 PM, it was announced that Philadelphia and Nashville had struck a deal.

Eagerness was quickly met with somber disappointment, because the reality was that Wayne Simmonds was no longer a Philadelphia Flyer.

James Van Reimsdyk was quoted as saying Wayne Simmonds was “Born to be a Flyer.” It is hard to argue against that.

Wayne Simmonds is the epitome of a ‘Philly Guy.’

There is no better role model for how to properly conduct yourself on and off the ice moreso than Wayne Simmonds.

Simmonds is the defintion of a teammate. His leadership is not only relied upon on the ice, but off the ice as well. When there needed to be a spark for this team, Simmonds was usually the ignition.

Whether a big hit, battle along the boards, fight, or body in front of the net, Wayne Simmonds always answered the call.

The loss of Wayne Simmonds goes beyond the product on the ice. Simmonds is a guy that is looked up too by the younger players, respected by all of his teammates and coaches, and loved by all Flyers fans.

Simmonds will go down in franchise history as one of the most beloved players to ever wear orange and black. From his work ethic to his leadership, it is almost impossible to find another player like Wayne Simmonds in the NHL.

During his 8 seasons with the Philadelphia Flyers, Wayne Simmonds produced 378 points in 584 games.

Simmonds gave his blood, sweat, teeth, and tears to the Philadelphia Flyers and deserves every bit of praise he receives from the fanbase.

It was an honor to be able to cheer for Wayne Simmonds as a Flyer, and most fans will have no problem cheering for him as a Predator. Hopefully a Stanley Cup victory is in his near future. But regardless, I speak for all of Philadelphia when I say, thank you for everything, Mr. Train.

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