PHI v BUF: Elliott Proving Why He Was a Good Choice to Keep

The Flyers just proved themselves to their fans again. With the playoffs *still* up in the air, Elliott showed us why he was a good save for yesterday’s trade deadline. He managed to stop an impressive 34 out of 36 shots. Brian Elliott hasn’t been the goalie Philly wanted but, instead, the goalie we’ve gotten by default. His win at the Stadium Series on Saturday must have motivated him to play better than what we’ve seen previously.

Moving on to goals scored, Lindblom, Voracek, van Riemsdyk, Sanheim and Giroux all scored tonight in a game that Philadelphia dominated start to finish—can’t say we’re surprised, since they’ve all been producing a fair amount for the team recently.

As for the new kid on the block: Ryan Hartman would have been better on a flight than he was on the bench tonight. Being one of six Flyers without a point, he might not have proven why he was a good trade for Simmonds as far as point production. But with four hits, including a huge one on Dahlin, he did make his presence known. As for any other stats, he won’t prove himself to us for at least a few more games.

With 17 blocked shots, the Flyers did what it took to win. Not out of the ordinary for the comeback kids. Will they make a playoff run? You can’t rule it out just yet. With the next three games away from home, it’s won’t be easy. The away record of 13-14-3 is obviously still below .500, but they’ve been better at home, going 17-12-4. Who knows what will happen in the next week? Here’s hoping that the boys can make it happen.


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