The Faces In The Net: Who’s Who In Philly’s Goal

Photography Credit: Heather Barry

With Cam Talbot finally starting, the Flyers set a record that no team ever wants to have. This team has now had eight, yes that’s correct EIGHT, goalies start this season. To be honest, October feels like so long ago. It was hard to remember all 8 of these net-minders. The last team to come close to this number was the 07-08 Kings. Guess who was on that roster? 2 time Stanley Cup winner Jonathan Quick, an NHL rookie that season. Sounds like someone we know….

Michal Neuvirth- It seems like he was simply here to fail us this season. With a record of 1-4-1, it’s safe to say when Neuvirth is in net, it hurts to watch. All 4 losses were against division teams that we needed to beat. Was it him as a goalie or the way the team in front of him was playing? Maybe it was the way the team was being played? All we know is Neuvy made us sad.

Anthony Stolarz- 12 games played, 4 games won- none of them at home. That’s… weirdly, in a way, impressive. . Which is about the only thing that was impressive about his season. He isn’t a starting goalie, yet he and the coaches wanted him to be. Stolie should have been let go sooner, but we still wish him nothing but the best in Edmonton.

Calvin Pickard- the Flyers started the season off 5-7-2 because of Pickard. With an .863 SV% it really wasn’t too bad of a start. But when you start to lose consecutive games, it’s time to get out of the net. The Flyers usually don’t figure this out until it’s beyond too late. It was a bit refreshing to see this one happen rather quickly.

Alex Lyon- I think we can all agree that Alex Lyon deserves the time to grow with the Phantoms. Starting for the Flyers once this season, he came out with the L. An .806 SV% puts him at the bottom of list on the team. Taking into consideration the amount of games, it wouldn’t be fair to assume how he would have done if kept to get comfortable. 

Mike McKenna- Recently people have been talking about McKenna because of the Burger King mask. Before that though, he was in one game for the Flyers where he too caught an L. 24 saves on 28 shots isn’t exciting, but not entirely terrible either. His career record is 7-17-3. The question is what were the Flyers thinking in obtaining such an undesirable player? Perhaps it was lack of a choice. Or maybe, as they often do, they were hoping for the best. 

Carter Hart- I just….. I’m still in shock at how talented he is. Carter Hart has exceeded all expectations. Fans were not happy when he was first brought up for fear of him not being ready. Boy were they wrong. Who would have guessed the 20 year old would be 13-8-1 in his rookie season? As a future face of the franchise, I think it’s safe to say, there are big things to come for this kid. 

Brian Elliott- Brian Elliott currently has the same SV% as Carter Hart. I’m kind of proud? He made it through the trade deadline, and after being questioned, showed us why against Buffalo. Elliott’s current record is 8-7-1. I’ll accept it, for now. If he wants to remain as backup, he needs to step it up. He and Talbot will most likely be head-to-head for that spot next season. 

Cam Talbot- Some say he’s out of his prime. Some say he’s not as good as they make him out to be. Some say he is just an average back up goalie. I think a 6-3 win says something else. If he deserves nothing else, he deserves respect. Being the 8th goalie in a single season isn’t very motivating. But with 30 saves on 33 shots, I’m not upset about him being a Flyer. If he’s the Flyers’ choice for backup to Carter Hart, I’m okay with it. 

With March beginning, we are now 17 games away from the postseason. The playoffs are a far off goal. However, never count out the Come Back Kids. We’ve seen weirder things happen. Here’s to the rest of the season! 


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