Mother Puckers: Philly is Flyer’s ALL FEMALE Podcast

Women in sports media are important. Women In Sports Media Are Important. WOMEN IN SPORTS MEDIA ARE IMPORTANT. With that being said, here is the biggest announcement since Wayne Simmonds being traded. The Philly is Flyer ladies have had a project under works since the beginning of March.

We are proud to announce the ALL NEW, ALL FEMALE, Mother Puckers Podcast. Why you ask? Because women belong in sports: in the game, on the mic, behind the lens, and with the pen. With a bi-weekly line up of episodes, you can expect to hear topics such as:

  • NHL News– beginning with this season’s playoffs, heading into the draft, and a whirlwind of offseason content, we’ll have it all until the 2019-20 season starts. A main focus in our beloved Flyers, but breaking news from across the league.
  • What in the N-W-H-E-L-L– did you think we could run an all women’s podcast without talking about the women who are dominating North American hockey right now?! H-E-L-L no! We’re diving in headfirst with our hearts on our sleeves for these women and this league.
  • SuperWoman Spotlight– Women in sports, not just hockey, deserve to be recognized for all they do. Here is where we talk about the Wonder Women and Captain Marvels of the sports world.
  • Twitter Questions– Leading up to the recording of each episode, we’ll be taking questions from our following on twitter.
  • Sensitive Sally Segment– As women, we’ve been called it all. Sensitive. Irrational. Over dramatic. Too much. Well guess what..sometimes you just have to let it all out. In a no holds- barred, let it all out style, this segment is guaranteed to be loud, in your face, and making a point.
  • Prospect Profile– Where we highlight the future NHLers and all their talent
  • Womansplaining– We’re tired of someone seeing us asking a question and getting the “dumbed down version” because we’re female. Let US explain to you the aspects of the game of hockey.
  • Stick or Puck?– The ‘This or That’ of hockey. Would you rather have MacDonald for another 2 years or bring back Hak? We’ll answer questions like these and make them brutally honest.
  • NHL Player of the Week– Based on players’ performances on OR off the ice, we’ll highlight who is doing the most in the NHL.


The women of Philly Is Flyer are more than qualified to bring you the podcast you didn’t know you were waiting for. Take a look at the team we have:

Host: @daniellemeowias
Danielle. Just a Southern Jersey girl who’s heavy on opinions and a penchant for screaming at sports. Hockey was never on the radar till a few years ago, but I got tossed into the abyss that is this sport shortly after moving to DC. Love more teams than I hate but Flyers are the feral colony of my heart. We’re in it for the narrative arch, folks! Brand new to the Philly is Flyer fam. Please talk to me about Nolan Patrick’s rosy cheeks.

Host: @lina_nucc
Lina. Loud- mouthed, opinionated, and definitely not sorry. Die hard Flyers fan since the day I was born. Thought hockey was called “SHOOT THE DAMN PUCK” till I was old enough to realize that was just my dad couch coaching. Spent high school days in local ice and roller rinks. Mastered the art of finessing my way into mens’ open hockey games. Sunday morning Dek Hockey watcher. Self-Proclaimed Cam Talbot Fan Club President. Proud USMC girlfriend. New to Philly is Flyer, but loving the ride so far.


Producer: @BroadStBecky
Becky/ Rebecca. Just a hockey fan with a soft spot for goalies. Live and breathe for the black and orange. I’m the President f the Alex Lyon Fan Club and I have the signature to prove it. Also Ryan Hartman’s biggest fan, yes you read that right. Spend time fighting crime on twitter, getting Chinese food with my boyfriend, watching Glee or hanging out with my pet goats. Current writer for Philly is Flyer since February 2018.

Content Creator: @mustang__sallie
Allie. If you want to get me talking, ask me about hockey or baseball. My love for the Flyers goes deep enough that my two cats are named Roux and Ghost Bear. ‘Pod Mom’ for Mother Puckers.  All my favorite players get traded. Future pro sports GM. When I’m not pulling tarp or watching hockey, I can be found at Longwood Gardens. The OG woman for Philly is Flyer.

Other Creative Women involved in making this happen:

Logo created by Megan Malkus @_MegItHappen
Banner created by Erica @TheEricaB
Countdown created by Michelle Honick @mishybell215

A HUGE thank you to these lovely women who worked so hard to create the images that are Mother Puckers. We are so grateful to have collaborated with such talented women.

You can expect the first Episode of Mother Puckers via Soundcloud on April 12, 2019.




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